Hebei Cohesion Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. is a specialized company who merges new technology research & development, project design, construction and project operation.
    Our company is dedicated into treatment of various industrial waste water, waste gas, difficult treatment of waste water, industrial waste gas and smoke, and industrial waste water afterheat recovery, owns professional technicians with rich theory and practice who specialize in technology research, project design, construction technical management, project operation, quality safety management in environmental protection, professional construction team, research center of new technology, various analysis & test labs and offstandard-equipment factories.
Our company has been insisting on optimizing principle, sets up four engineering divisions, Waste Water Treatment Division(WWTD),Waste Gas Treatment Division(WGTD),Solid Waste Treatment Division (SWTD),and Engineering Operation Treatment Division(EOTD), that supply technical consulting, scenario design, engineering design, product manufacture, construction installation, debugging check & accept, after-sale service, supplies complete or partial service, involves into treatment of various wastewaters from papermaking , leathermaking, industrial, dyeing, coking, electroplating, pesticide, brewing, organic process, foodstuff, slaughtering, hospital, hotel and residence, treatment of organic waste gas, desulfuration & dedusting project in electric factory, biogas collection & complicated utilization, clean air disinfection, solid salvaged material burning, and household garbage landfilling, and gets rich practical experience on environmental protection.


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